6BHK Penthouse @ Racecourse - (1330)

₹ 2,52,00,000 Pre-Owned Property
B/H Shiv Icecreame, Racecourse Ring Road.

Located in the heart of the city overlooking our beautiful Racecourse with unobstructed views of the city, both old and new. This duplex penthouse is ideal for those who want to be ensconced in the core of our city and at the same time enjoy the quite and peace 8 floors up in the air. One can enjoy the privacy and customization of a bungalow without the hassle of individual maintenance and general safety that comes an apartment.

The unique floor plan of your new home is centred around the massive Sq. Ft living room. The sunken design of the living area gives you a very open layout to truly customize it to your preferences. There is plenty of light and ventilation for your family to enjoy thanks to the enormous windows that span the whole width of the wall.

Getting into the specifics this is a 6 BHK home with space for another kitchen and dining area on the 9th floor that can be customized into space that is more suited to your lifestyle. The bedrooms are also spaced out adding to the individual privacy within the apartment. Your family however big will comfortably fit in here.

There is also an indoor event space that can be used by the residents on several occasions. The building offers sufficient parking space for your vehicles and your guests are bound to find parking under shade right outside. Something flat owners nowadays miss out on is terrace space, that too is not a problem here. The enormous terrace spans the width of the building and is divided into 2 parts which is ideal for festivals like Uttarayana and other personal events.

A major reason you are considering this apartment as your new home is the pristine location. Not only is Racecourse literally and figuratively the heart of Rajkot, it is also arguably the most well maintained area in the city. Buying a place here has its benefits including proximity to all the facilities and services that are essential to living. This is also the perfect choice for food lovers as some of the finest restaurants in the city are at walking distance from your living room.

The rest of the neighborhood consists mostly of individual bungalow which means you are going to enjoy the unimpeded view of our city forever. Continuing on the same train of thought this also means it is nearly impossible to find an apartment with same characteristics as this one in the area.

A critical USP of this particular offering is the customizability. If your current needs do not require an apartment of this scale there are several ways to use the rest of the space, maybe even monetize it. If used as a single unit the apartment has about Sq. Ft of area that can be used as family living, library, home office, store area, etc. According to the floor plan the size of the bedrooms can also be increased, allowing for seamless modification.

The penthouse can also easily be split into 2 separate full – fledged apartment. This opens up serval opportunities for the buyer like renting out one of the floors or possibly even selling it in the future. This feature specifically makes this offering a very compelling investment. It is extremely rare to find this sort of flexibility when it comes to real estate as an asset class.

The sheer scale of this duplex penthouse is only realized once you step in. In its current role as home to a happy close knit family it’s got an aura of its own. Words do not do enough justice; we are sure this is going to be on the shortlist of everyone looking to get a new sanctuary for their families.


Address: B/H Shiv Icecreame, Racecourse Ring Road.
Price: ₹ 2,52,00,000
Size (SqFt): 2800 Sq. Feet
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 6
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