Industrial Shed at Veraval - (1320)

₹ On Call Pre-Owned Property

The industrial shed in question is situated in the central area of the industrial hub in Veraval, making it strategically located for businesses in the region. Its prime location in the main market further enhances its accessibility and visibility.

One notable advantage is its proximity to various banking option, providing convenience for financial transactions and services. Additionally, the availability of multiple transporter option nearby facilitates the easy movement of goods and materials, which is particularly beneficial for industrial operations.

The industrial shed is designed to accommodate various business needs, as it includes an office space and servant rooms on the terrace. This configuration can contribute to efficient management and operations within the property.

A significant point to consider is that the property has a clear title. This clarity in title status makes the property a secure investment option. Moreover, the property is described as “loanable”, suggesting that it is eligible for financing, which can be advantageous for potential buyers or investors looking to leverage financial resources for the acquisition.

Overall, the combination of a central location, proximity to essential services, versatile infrastructure, clear title, and loanability makes this industrial property a compelling option for businesses looking to establish or expand their operations in the Veraval industrial hub.

Price: ₹ On Call
Land Area (SqYard): 164 Sq. Yard
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