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Welcome to Mercury Corporate Space, an esteemed multipurpose development nestled in the vibrant heart of Rajkot’s commercial district. Perfectly situated along the bustling Jamnagar-Rajkot Highway and in close proximity to the dynamic Madhapar Bus Stand, this prestigious property stands as a testament to excellence, offering unparalleled opportunities for businesses of all sizes to thrive in a conducive environment.

Mercury Corporate Space redefines the concept of corporate environments, seamlessly blending functionality, sophistication, and convenience. Whether you’re in search of a dynamic office space to foster productivity or a captivating showroom to showcase your offerings, our meticulously designed facilities cater to diverse business needs, ensuring a seamless experience from concept to execution.

Rising majestically across 13 storeys, Mercury Corporate Space boasts a total of 450 meticulously crafted showrooms and offices. Each space epitomizes our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail, offering not only a lucrative investment opportunity but also a sanctuary where your business aspirations can truly flourish and prosper.

Key Features and Amenities:

State-of-the-Art Lifts: 13 high-speed lifts servicing all floors ensure effortless vertical connectivity, facilitating smooth movement for tenants and visitors alike.

Ample Parking: Enjoy the convenience of ample allotted car parking and elevated parking facilities, eliminating the hassle of searching for parking space in a bustling urban landscape.

Spacious Passages: A generously proportioned 32-feet-wide passage ensures smooth traffic flow and easy accessibility within the premises, enhancing the overall convenience for occupants and visitors.

Impeccable Design: The property boasts an impeccable elevation design, exuding an aura of grandeur and prestige, setting your business apart from the competition and leaving a lasting impression on clients and partners.

Thoughtful Facilities: Thoughtfully integrated in-built washrooms provide optimal convenience and comfort for occupants and visitors, enhancing the overall experience within the premises.

A dedicated owner’s lift ensures privacy and exclusivity, allowing business owners to traverse the premises with ease and convenience.

Welcoming Spaces: Welcoming reception and waiting foyers create a warm and inviting ambiance for clients and visitors, setting the tone for positive interactions and successful business transactions.

Power Backup: DG power backup for common areas guarantees uninterrupted functionality, ensuring business continuity even during power outages and emergencies.

Security Measures: Comprehensive CCTV surveillance offers round-the-clock security and peace of mind, safeguarding the property and its occupants against potential threats and intrusions.

Luxurious Showrooms: Luxurious showroom spaces are meticulously designed to captivate and inspire discerning clientele, providing the perfect backdrop to showcase your products and services in style.

Nearby Attractions:

Madhapar Bus Stand: Enjoy seamless connectivity to various parts of the city, facilitating easy access for employees, clients, and visitors alike.

The Science Centre: Explore new realms of innovation and discovery, offering an unparalleled gateway to scientific exploration and advancement.

The New District Court: Access essential legal amenities and services with ease, ensuring seamless resolution of legal matters and disputes.

Jamnagar-Rajkot Highway: A vital artery for transportation and commerce, facilitating seamless connectivity to key destinations within and beyond the city limits.

The 150ft Ring Road and New 150ft Ring Road: Connect to major thoroughfares, providing convenient access to essential services, amenities, and commercial hubs.

Flexible Carpet Options:

Choose from a range of office sizes, ranging from 353 to 650 sq. ft., catering to diverse business requirements and preferences.
Select the perfect showroom space from options spanning from 550 to 1050 sq. ft., providing the ideal canvas to showcase your offerings and attract discerning clientele.

In essence, Mercury Corporate Space transcends the ordinary, offering a vision of success, prosperity, and unparalleled opportunity. Whether you’re a burgeoning startup looking to make your mark or an established enterprise seeking to expand your presence, our esteemed development serves as your gateway to a future defined by growth, innovation, and unwavering excellence. Elevate your business presence today with Mercury Corporate Space – where every square foot is meticulously crafted to inspire greatness.

Contact Us:

For inquiries, bookings, and further information, do contact us at ApnaGharRajkot.

Let Mercury Corporate Space be the foundation of your business success!

Address: Near Madhapar Chokdi
Price: ₹ on call
Size (SqFt): 353 to 1050 sq. ft.
Year Built: 2026
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